Does No Nod For The Lego Movie Equal Bad PR?

By Tricia Liverpool

Does No Nod For The Lego Movie Equal Bad PR?

​The LEGO Movie didn’t earn an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature when the nominees were announced last week, a fact that sent a lot of fans to social media in protest. The film, directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, did earn a Critics’ Choice Movie Award on Friday, however. The duo was thrilled to be recognized and took the opportunity to respond to their so-called Oscar snub.

“We’re really in the black on this movie,” Lord told Esquire. “We made it in order to inspire families and kids and people. And we’ve been justly rewarded for that and we feel really lucky. The award stuff is its own thing and of course we’re disappointed, but it’s not the reason we made the movie. There’s no way to not be pleased with the outcome of this film.” Miller added, “Seeing the outpouring of the fans today was really something special.”

In fact, the film spent most of Thursday as a trending topic on Twitter, with a number of people outraged at how a movie most considered to be ground breaking in terms of its clever mix of computer animation with live action and lots of LEGO, with a strong story line tying it up neatly together failed to be nominated for the most prestigious award of the year. The $469 million and counting in box office sales has not harmed it either but the fact it is a LEGO movie might just be the reason for its Oscars snub.

Peter Travers, critic for Rolling Stone magazine was quite vocal suggesting that many in the Academy may have overlooked it, thinking it was being sold by LEGO, he points out: “It’s a satire, it’s a parody of how we use product placement in movies. It’s the smartest animated movie of many years, and you say, ‘Not nominated!’”

Either way the fact that films that did make the cut include Big Hero 6, How to Train Your Dragon 2, The Boxtrolls, The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, and Song of the Sea which despite all having merit, were nowhere near as popular, may prove his pint. In fairness, the LEGO Movie did score one nomination for Best Song for “Everything Is Awesome.” In this case unfortunately everything is not when it comes to recognition at the Oscars!

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