When Did Halloween Become Such a Fantastic PR Opportunity?

By Tricia Liverpool

When Did Halloween Become Such a Fantastic PR Opportunity?

​Growing up as a child, there were only two holidays I really cared about, Christmas because of the presents I received and Halloween as I got the chance to dress up and run around the neighbourhood getting sweets.

These days however, the annual festivity which was traditionally focused around the theme of using “humour and ridicule to confront the power of death” has turned into a PR opportunity for big business and individuals alike far removed from its origins.

Honestly, I have no idea when it because the norm for adults to join the party minus their children since in my day Mums and Dads occasionally draped sheets over themselves to accompany their offspring trick or treating. Some “cool parents” even put on witches hats and drew eye patches on themselves to join in the fun. Nonetheless these days it is commonplace for adults to put more effort into their Halloween costumes than their kids.

The best example of this would be Hollywood which is now overrun with parties hosted by the rich and famous where men and women try desperately to outdo each other in the “who can bare the most skin” contest! Similarly even here in Singapore, Universal Studios now hosts its Halloween Horror Nights which are becoming increasingly popular every year, and since they run from 7:30 pm to 1:30 am, they are definitely catering for the adults who want to revel in the celebrations or incredibly resilient tweens.

I am still a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to Halloween and so I don’t understand why naughty nurses and vampish vampires are now the norm, but whatever the reason ultimately sex sells and those who are responsible for theses costumes profit substantially from 31st October. Similarly those who tend to squeeze themselves into such attire, are guilty of shameful self-promotion but I guess not being talked about these days is worse than the “shock horror” someone gasping in horror at the tackiness of your outfit!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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