​Curtain Call on 2014!

By Tricia Liverpool

​Curtain Call on 2014!

So, as I bow out of Corporate 2014 today, I have one final encouragement, and that is, to finish well. 2014 will always be the year that I personally decided to make a change which was to leave my big employer consisting of infrastructure, support and a comfortable salary to start up on my own and I only wish I had done it sooner.

This morning I woke up tired, but reflective and realised there is no point looking back but rather to appreciate all the good people and opportunities that I have been blessed with this year. With that, I’m hoping these words of encouragement hit the mark:

  • Head space is our greatest weapon, decompress over the New Year break and refresh

  • Create a Career Bucket List, if you knew you couldn’t fail, who would you work with/what would you do?

  • Fellow Entrepreneurs – don’t be afraid to fail or try again. You can do it and refine your board of advisors.

  • Get healthy, kick the bad habits not dealt with. Who cares about resolutions unmet, just create news ones

  • “Age only matters if you are a cheese”… or set in your ways…. Stay flexible and be more concerned with how you come across than how you look

  • Be proactive and productive, opportunity can only work with a moving vehicle

  • Be positive, Little Miss or Master Negative never changed the world

  • Love the ones you’re with. 2014 has been without question one of the most depressing in terms of word news – from disappearing passenger planes to racially motivated shootings and protests in the States, to the Ebola virus, I only hope that 2015 is a better year for everyone.

Thank you to all my clients/candidates for your custom in the three months since LeoHarper launched. Helping people find talent or the right opportunity within a sector I truly enjoy servicing has been a very liberating experience, even without the funding and structure I am used to. It’s amazing what you can accomplish without a 30+ people office, multiple recruitment disciplines, conference calls and general “white noise” that was part of my remit as the MD of a much larger business.

Life is not a dress rehearsal and we are here for one show only so let’s make 2015 count. Stay fearless, 2015 is a new year, a new beginning so start well.

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